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Who is God? All we could discuss about God all the life and we would die without a final conclusion, because we could believe in a different way. When the word “god” is heard, some may retain the mental image of their childhood, imagining an old man with a white beard seated on a throne, who sends rays from the sky on the disobedients. For a child, God is perhaps someone bigger and stronger than his father. This is perhaps an acceptable image for a child, but it is limited clearly to find an adult person thinking about God in so simple and body terms.

Our own thesis about God could be based on beliefs and viewpoints of people who we consider religious. We may have a negative view about God based on the hypocrisy that we may be living at home or at school, or we can have pleasant feelings based on the love of our family, or friends or teachers. Our feelings about God have also been affected by the books that we have read, the classes that we have received, the music that we have heard and thousands of other influences. Accordingly, any definition about God is limited by the subjectivity of human understanding and the limits of human knowledge. In fact we have not other model to explain but only at ourselves. So, we use ourselves to try to define to God. Are we really in the ability to define Him? Are we looking for to define at a God Who were created in the image of man or at a man who were created in the image of God?

We can not discuss about God in a laboratory or to study Him with a microscope. He transcends the laws of nature and therefore it is not possible to use the scientific method to verify His Being. Nobody can fully know God, because the direct evidence of His Being is beyond the capacity of the human beings; however, it is possible to implement an indirect method: Let’s consider what we can observe, the world around us, and let’s examine its contents, its people, its laws, and its natural history. All this supports that there is a Supreme Being Who we call “God”.

From the standpoint of scientific method, the investigation about the origin of the things is not finished, and there are only assumptions and theories without evidences, so that it can not be argued that the “theory of evolution” is true. Alike, scientific investigation regarding the Being of God has not ended, meaning that the denial of His Being is based only on conjectures and assumptions, but not on evidence.

The universe is extremely large, complex and carefully designed, which although evolutionists seek to explain as a result of millions years of events at random, seeing so much perfection is undeniable that there is a God. If God is a material being or body, He would be limited because the material things will have limitations, always. The power of God is unlimited and uninterrupted. Some “Scientists” deny the Being of God because He is not verifiable, but they admit absurd answers about origin of the things. It is not intelligent to think that living beings were created by non-living things. It is not a great discovery that thinking beings were originated from non-thinking beings. It is absurd to conclude that an accidental combination produced beings with wonderful designs.

All physical substance were originated from something that already was, but God is unlimited. He is not a matter. He transcends the laws of nature because He created the nature. Therefore, He transcends the natural laws of the creation. He made the time and consequently, He was before the beginning of the time. So God has not beginning or end. He always has been and always will be. He did not need a creator.

It is known that everything was caused by something. Nobody has experienced something emerged completely from nowhere. The matter can become energy and vice versa, but nobody has ever seen that the matter or energy had emerged alone. Then, when was born our planet, or our solar system or the entire universe? There are many theories, but all are only conjectures, because it is totally impossible to prove its true origin from the scientific terms. Cosmologists believe that the universe began billions years ago in the explosion of a single, super-dense point that contained all matter, the famous “Big Bang”. If it is true, then what is the origin of the primordial matter? Scientists teach us that nothing comes from nowhere, but they are unable to give convincing answers about the origin of the matter.

Regardless of the present or future conclusions that the science brings, God created everything. He is Almighty; His Being does not depend from human science or natural law. In our reality of human beings, we do not know exactly how God caused the universe, but we can be accurate that everything comes from that Supreme Being.

It is then that we have two different opinions about the origin of the universe: 1) We can believe that the whole matter arose spontaneously without a creator, even if there is not explanation of how this phenomenon occurred; or, 2) we can believe that God created the original matter. The second criterion is a reasonable opinion about the origin of matter, while the first one has not answer.

Our universe is carefully planned. The Milky Way contains 100 billions stars. There are 100 millions galaxies in the known space. It is estimated that there are approximately 10 octillions stars. Why are they there? By accident? Impossible! The atom is a small universe, a miniature solar system. 150 billions atoms take positions side by side to measure an inch. How can many atheists to deny that this is the work of an Omniscient Being?

It is also important to consider that each creature, every thing, every element has an operation so perfect that it is difficult to imagine that such perfection is the result of an accident. The miracle of life is something that scientists can not reasonably explain why so much perfection in the processes that allow to the life to continue day after day. Who taught at the sperm to look for the egg? Why the egg and the sperm each contribute with 23 chromosomes to create a human being? Cells do not know what to do, but they do on the way that are programmed to ensure the continuity of life.

Scientists are looking for answers in the universe, while the answers are in themselves: The perfection of their eyes, their reproductive system or the simple fact why they are breathing. Faced with so many evidences is undeniable that there is a Supreme Being who planned everything that there is, because He is Omniscient and Omnipotent.

If we hide the light of such evidence, surely, we do not see to God, but for anyone who is interested in observing, it is preserved the knowledge of the Almighty. This is not religion, is reality!