Internation Ministerial Congress Church of God (Seventh Day)


The International Ministerial Congress was organized through several stages during a period of ten years. Before 1968, the Ministerial Conferences that were in session in United States of America were considered international in their reach. Practically, this did not march well because few ministers outside United States of America could attend.

The first attempt to summon an international meeting of ministers was in Monterrey, Mexico in 1968, with 37 delegates of the United States of America, 18 of Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, and there were 63 observers. This meeting demonstrated the necessity of a ministerial body to serve the increasing international interests as Church. The next International Ministerial Congress was in session in Juarez, Mexico, in 1972.

The first meeting as organization of the IMC was in 1976 in Glorieta, and delegates attended of the American Conference, the Mexican Conference and representing of Central America and Ecuador. Two years later in Juarez, Mexico, the Congress approved regulations to modernize the structure and to provide independent existence. In 1978 the structure of the Congress remained without some change, but it had grown to 27 national churches.

The primary goals of the IMC are: To promote the theological unity between the affiliated churches and to coordinate the gospel efforts of its members.

Like support to these goals, the IMC has sponsored the plantation of churches in several countries, and has adopted 12 Declarations of Faith widely accepted. In addition to the Biblical discussions that are part of their meetings each four years, these declarations have helped to the Church to maintain a high level of theological unity.

The IMC has encouraged for the Church of God (Seventh Day) be a community through entire of believers in Jesus Christ. While the national churches sponsor missionary activities beyond their borders, a greater international gospel ministry is developed, and the Congress is the organism of affiliation to the church.


*** These countries are not members of the International Ministerial Congress, but we have brotherly bows with some church or there is some a mission work