Church of God in Guatemala


The doctrine of the Church of God (Seventh Day) arrived at the Republic of Guatemala in the middle of century XX, coming from Mexico by Ernesto Valencia and later by the young missionary Antonio Vega.

The legal authorization was approved by the Government of the Republic of Guatemala in the Governmental Law of date December 11 of 1957 that recognized to the Church like an organization with authority, norms and statutes.


At international level, the Church is member of the International Ministerial Congress.

In the national ambit, the administration of the Church is developed of the following form:

1. National Concilium.

2. Central Government.

3. District Board of Directors.

4. Pastors.


The National Concilium is the body of Ministers with effective credential, reunited in a same place to deliberate with respect to doctrine and administration. The Concilium is the superior authority of the administration. The study, approval, modification and extension of the doctrinal believings are exclusive attributions of the Concilium. The Concilium has not superior authority in the administrative hierarchy.


The Central Government is the organism that serves as connection between the National Concilium and all the Church. The Government has authority under to all the administration of the Church of God in the Republic of Guatemala and like support has the Ministerial Department. The Ministerial Department is in charge of the reception of proposal of candidates to Minister, study and approval, as well as to take the registry of the brothers who count on a ministerial degree. The Central Government is under the authority of the National Concilium. The Central Government is integrated by 7 Ministers appointed by the National Conference, for a period of four years.

The period of the present members of the Central Government, initiated in Junof 2007, integrated by:

President Min. Gamaliel Argueta Melendrez

Vice-president Min. Walter Apén Ruiz

Secretary Min. Miguel Josafat Santa Cruz Ramírez

Treasurer Min. David Armando Villanueva Rivera

Vowels Min. Adolfo López

Min. Carlos Humberto Sánchez

Min. Abdías Colop


The District Boards of Directors are the organisms of connection between the Central Government and the Pastors of the Churches. Each District has a geographic portion of the national territory. The Boards appoint the Pastors of the Churches, advice and supervise to the Pastors constantly and inform to the Central Government of the activities, among other functions. Administratively, the District Boards of Directors are under the authority of the Central Government.


The Pastors are the superior authority in their respective local Churches. They are appointed by the District Boards of Directors, on which they depend. The Pastors must guard the spiritual fortification of their Churches and propagate the gospel in their communities. They must form local groups of support (women, youth, children, workers and those that they consider necessary).


In Guatemala, the Church only has two ministerial degrees: Ministers and Workers.

The Ministers are appointed by the Central Government, through Ministerial Department, whereas the Workers are appointed by the District Boards of Directors, through the pastors.

The candidates to Ministers can be proposed by: The Pastors, the District Boards of Directors, the Central Government and the Ministerial Department. The proposal must be sent to the Ministerial Department, exposing the reasons, as well as the file of the candidate.

The Ministers have exclusive attributions, in addition to the responsibility to propagate the gospel and to be important piece in the local Churches of which they are members: To baptize, to anoint, and to participate with right to voice and vote in the meetings of the National Concilium.

The Workers have the obligation to obtain their credential and without it, they do not have authorization to work in the Church like Workers. The attributions of the Workers must collaborate and to be important piece in the daily workings of the Church, such as: to direct worship services, to preach and those that assign them their respective Pastors. Such functions also are responsibility of the Ministers.

You can contact to the Church of God in Guatemala through e-mail or telephones (502) 24377456 and (502) 24333500.